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Sararut "Sara" Pilakun is a native Thai, from Chiang Mai, Thailand who grew up in a family of traditional healers. She started learning at the age of 9 with her mom - who was a well-known healer in their small village. Sara did not know at that time, her childhood passion for helping others heal would lead to a lifetime of formal education, therapeutic work with clients, and providing instruction to the next generation of healers

Sara has trained at the top schools and with well-known teachers in Thailand accumulating 6000+ hours of formal education. She has studied completely from the Basic level to Instructor level within three different schools. She is an instructor able to grant certificates from the Union of Traditional Medicine Society of Thailand and has been considered by many to be a "Doctor of Massage".

Sara has trained countless students providing classes in both Thai and English. She has held positions with well known spas in Thailand as a therapist, instructor, and spa manager. 

Since 2007, she provided therapy sessions and taught in the USA at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts and private classes.

From 2009-2011, Sara studied as a Traditional Thai Medicine Doctor (“Mo Boran”) but paused the program to return back to the United States.

Sara now provides instruction from her center located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her public and private courses provide students a personalized experience to learn Thai massage, Thai folk healing, and related techniques. 

She ensures her students experience and gain deep exposure to Thailand's rich culture through food, markets, local venues, and studying within a village community. You may also study online through personalized and customized video chat sessions where Sara will guide you much like an apprentice would receive knowledge from their teacher.

Personal Approach to Learning: About


- Personalized instruction

- Exposure to Thai culture from within Thailand

- In-depth training based on multi-generational knowledge

- Experienced native Thai teacher with extensive background as a therapist

- To review Sara's course schedule or learn more about classes, see below.

- A Personal Approach to Folk Healing

Sararut "Sara" Pilakun is considered by many to be a gifted healer. She is often times referred to as a “Doctor of Massage”.

Sara’s life as a healing arts practitioner developed through her home village, formal education, and various positions held in and around Thailand.

It wasn’t until she traveled to the USA in 2007 for a position with a well known massage center and school, that her abilities blossomed and were showcased for 100,000’s.

Sara was known to regularly help client’s with health conditions that were unable to be resolved with western medicine or required expensive procedures without any guarantees of success. Sara’s hands-on work with Thai massage can be described as humble yet powerful.

Sara was eventually asked to start teaching the most serious and advanced practitioners in the USA once they had already completed basic through advanced courses with other western instructors. Sara was reluctant at first due to the language and cultural challenges in teaching students in the USA. She finally agreed to teach and spread the knowledge she acquired from 35+ years of practitioner experience to all individuals who had an interest to learn.

The knowledge Sara teaches and applies in her sessions can not be found in one book or one school. She has developed as a constant student. Learning, applying, and growing as a Thai massage & folk healing practitioner with a constant focus on developing her own mind through the teachings of Gotama Buddha.

Sara is not concerned about religion and spiritual ritualism as that is just a wrapping for the actual teachings. She is more focused on learning the core teachings of Siddhartha Gotama, (“The historical Buddha”), and applying those to all things in life including the healing arts. Her personal practice of Gotama Buddha’s teachings does not include an altar, statues, incense, or any sort of “offerings”. Gotama Buddha did not teach the path to enlightenment to include these “religious” aspects yet they have been added over the years.

Healing in Thailand starts with the individual practitioner. If the practitioner is afflicted by any discontent of the mind, their ability to focus on healing for their client is obstructed. Thus, Sara’s main focus for her students and clients is to empty the mind, live in this moment, and enjoy the wellness that exists. Sara focuses on bringing the healer out in you.

Sara uses her teachings from over 35+ years within the field of Thai healing arts along with her lifetime learning of Gotama Buddha’s teachings put into practice. 

So as a teacher and practitioner, her main goal is to “listen”, ask you the questions you aren’t asking yourself, and let you hear the answers from within. In this way, she is not going to “give” you the answers.....she will instead give you thoughts that guide you to your own answers. Sara is not going to fish for you and give you a fish. She is going to teach you how to fish so that even when you aren’t with can find the answers.

If you are looking to learn the Thai healing arts by focusing on your own healing, Sara is ready to help you learn and grow. If you would like to receive a massage session where Sara will teach you how to understand your mind then discover how its connected to your body, Sara is ready to help promote your own wellness.

If you have a background in the healing arts from any other teachers or disciplines, you are welcome with open arms and open smiles. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, Sara can help you learn. You will just need to be prepare to approach learning in a way that is perhaps different than any other experience you’ve had in the past.

Learning Process  

 1.) Patience with the mind: Cultivate the ability to allow your mind to be in one place at one time, in this moment.  

2.) Awareness of the body: Cultivate the ability to be mindful of your physical body, the physical self, and what it’s telling you. 


3.) Listening to the inner self: Cultivate the ability to listen to your inner self and what it needs for learning. Teachers, videos, books, hands-on experience and looking inside yourself for learning are all ways to bring information, knowledge, and insight back to your mind. 


Your mind, body, and inner self will always be in fight or flight mode until they are well developed for optimal learning.  The learning process starts and ends with the mind. A well developed mind will bring much insight and wisdom.

Sara will help you discover your mind, physical, and inner self through the teachings of multiple generations of Thai massage & folk healing.

Thai Massage & Folk Healing Training Center

Chiang Mai, Thailand

+66 90-329-9998

Personal Approach to Learning: About


Thai Massage & Folk Healing Training Center

2 Moon Muang Rd Soi 7

Sriphoom Chiang Mai 50200

+66 90-329-9998 (Phone & WhatsApp)

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