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Sararut ("Sara") Pilakun is a native Thai who was born in a small village in Udon Thani, Thailand (Northeastern Thailand). She moved to Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand), her mother's home province, at the age of 12 to pursue her education. She has lived in various parts of Thailand holding the responsibilities of a Senior Therapist, Senior Instructor, Spa Trainer and Spa Manager, She lived in the USA from 2007 until 2015 employed as a Senior Therapist and Senior Instructor in the USA's most well-known and highly respected traditional Thai healing arts centers.

Sara started practicing the traditional Thai healing arts at the age of 9 as an apprentice to her mother who was well known in their village for providing Thai Massage and Folk Healing treatments to the local villagers.

Sara did not know at that time that her passion to help others would ignite into a life long journey of learning, practicing, and sharing the teachings of traditional Thai massage and folk healing arts.

Sara has trained in three (3) different schools from the Basic to Instructor levels. She has pursued 6000+ hours of training and education while providing treatments to clients since 1984.

She is currently a Traditional Thai Medicine Doctoral candidate with the Thai Ministry of Public Health. She has studied the Thai Ministry of Public Health's Traditional Thai Doctor Program, Traditional Thai Massage Doctor Program, Thai Pharmacy Program, and Traditional Thai Midwife Program.

In addition to her extensive learning, practice, and teaching career in the traditional Thai healing arts, Sara is a practitioner deeply motivated and encouraged by the teachings of Gotama Buddha who shared The Path to Enlightenment over 2500 years ago. Her personal life practice is based in the teachings of Gotama Buddha which aid her in being a dedicated and commitment student, practitioner, and teacher of the traditional Thai healing arts.

Sara looks forward to understanding your goals and guiding you to improve your healing arts practice.

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Sara is an incredible teacher and is very well know in both the USA and Thailand. She has a wealth of both knowledge and experience. I have spent over 3 weeks taking courses with Sara in the USA. I am a practicing physician and i find the Thai approach to illness fascinating. It is a great experience for someone with a Western medical education to see how Thai massage views the situation in a different fashion and one that is more holistic.

David Berman (USA)


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